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It Always Rains on Sunday - Digitally Remastered

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Googie Withers, Edward Chapman

Robert Hamer


It Always Rains on Sunday - Digitally Remastered | Out Now

Directed by Robert Hamer (Kind Hearts and Coronets) IT ALWAYS RAINS ON SUNDAY is considered to be one of the greatest and most overlooked achievements of British 1940's cinema. The film was featured in Time Out’s 100 Best British Films list, as chosen by 150 film industry experts, including Sam Mendes and Wes Anderson.

Googie Withers stars as Rose Sandigate, a Bethnal Green housewife whose Sunday is turned upside down by the re-appearance of an old flame who is now an escaped convict seeking protection from the police. A rare glimpse into life in London’s East End post WWII, IT ALWAYS RAINS ON SUNDAY was Googie Withers’ last film for Ealing Studios and, due to her wonderful performance as a woman trapped in a claustrophobic domesticity, it remains one of her best.

• ‘Coming in from the Rain’ – Exclusive interviews with: Film Historian Ian Christie; Writer Iain Sinclair; Producer Sean O’Connor and Director Terence Davies

• Locations Featurette with British Film Historian Richard Dacre

• Trailer

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