Galaxy of Horrors

Galaxy of Horrors

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Sci-fi horror anthology featuring nine short films. In 'Wraparound', a man wakes up in a cryogenic pod to find it malfunctioning and his life support systems quickly running out. 'Eden', set in a dystopian future, follows two warring factions as they fight for control of the United States. In 'Iris', a man seeks help from his smartphone as he attempts to bury a dead body in the woods. 'Flesh Computer' follows the janitor of a run-down apartment complex as he attempts to repair a computer made up of both electrical and biological parts. In 'Pathos', mankind is forced to live underground where only the rich can afford to survive. In 'Eveless', two men living in a world without women attempt to create one with only the limited resources they can gather. 'They Will All Die in Space' follows two men who wake up an engineer from cryostasis in the hope he can repair their ship. In 'Entity', an astronaut stranded in deep space faces a fight to survive after coming across a mysterious being. Finally, in 'Kingz', two drug dealers come into contact with an alien while delivering a batch of cocaine to a nightclub.