The Punch and Judy Man

The Punch and Judy Man

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Ronald Fraser,Tony Hancock, Sylvia Syms

Jeremy Summers


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The Punch and Judy Man is a British comedy from 1963 directed by Jeremy Summers (Crooks In Cloisters). It was Tony Hancock’s second film in a starring role, following The Rebel (1961).

Hancock plays Wally Pinner, the unhappily married Punch and Judy Man. Wally and the other beach entertainers are socially unacceptable to the town’s snobbish elite. Wally’s wife, Delia (Sylvia Syms), runs a seaside shop below their flat. She’s desperate to have Wally invited to entertain at the official reception for Lady Jane Caterham (Barbara Murray), who she sees as her ticket to a rise in the social ladder. At the Mayoress’ suggestion the Reception Committee invites Wally to entertain.

During the dinner, events degenerate and a food fight begins when one of the drunken guests begins heckling Wally. When Lady Jane vents her anger at Wally for ruining the evening, Delia floors her with a punch, her dreams of social acceptance shattered.