ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 - Special Editi...

ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 - Special Edition

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Austin Stoker, Darwin Joston, Laurie Zimmer

John Carpenter


ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 - Special Edition | Out Now

A father incites gang conflict by shooting one of the killers of his young daughter, before fleeing to the soon-to-be-closed Precinct 13. Faced by an enemy that is terrifyingly merciless, Lt. Bishop (Austin Stoker) is isolated as night falls, and the attack begins. With a minimal script that allows action to flourish, and a now cult score, Assault On Precinct 13 still incites a level of fear in the viewer that is rarely matched, making the film a true classic.

From John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape From New York) Assault on Precinct 13 is one of the ultimate genre-defying moments in modern cinema. 


  • Behind the Scenes
  • Q&A with John Carpenter
  • Commentary by John Carpenter
  • Production History
  • Radio Spots
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Isolated Score