BUGSY MALONE – Sing-A-Long Editi...

BUGSY MALONE – Sing-A-Long Edition

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Scott Baio, Florrie Dugger, Jodie Foster

Alan Parker


BUGSY MALONE – Sing-A-Long Edition | Out Now

Bugsy Malone remains unique as the only gangster musical spoof featuring a cast of under-16s, custard pies and whipped cream in place of bullets, and pedal driven cars! Sing along with all of the film’s classic numbers, including ‘So You Want To Be a Boxer?’ and Jodie Foster’s showstopping ‘My Name Is Tallulah’.

New York, 1929. A war rages between two rival gangsters, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Dan is in possession of a new and deadly weapon, the dreaded ‘splurge gun’.