Orca - The Killer Whale

Orca - The Killer Whale

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Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Will Sampson

Michael Anderson


Orca - The Killer Whale | Out Now

From Academy Award® nominated director Michael Anderson (Around The World In Eighty Days) and screenwriter Luciano Vincenzoni (The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly) comes a gripping and terrifying tale of man versus beast. Starring screen legends Richard Harris (Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, The Field) and Charlotte Rampling (Melancholia, Swimming Pool), ORCA – THE KILLER WHALE is a thrilling and ferocious action adventure of mythical proportions

.Initially on the hunt for a great white shark, the obsessive Captain Nolan (Harris) harpoons and kills a pregnant whale. Unbeknown to Nolan the atrocity was witnessed by her mate, a gigantic Orca killer whale. Intent on revenge, the Orca begins to terrorise the nearby fishing village ona rampage of death and destruction. Only Nolan can bring an end to the devastation. He must face his enemy from the deep in a deadly quest that will take him and his crew to the edge of earth and towards a destiny drenched in spilled blood.