Porco Rosso Doubleplay

Porco Rosso Doubleplay

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Shûichirô Moriyama, Tokiko Katô, Bunshi Katsura

Hayao Miyazaki


Porco Rosso Doubleplay | Out Now

From the master director Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of SPIRITED AWAY and PONYO, comes a fantastical tale of action and adventure above the clouds, PORCO ROSSO, now available for the first time on Blu-ray in stunning high-definition.

In the 1920’s Adriatic Sea, only one pilot rules the skies: Porco Rosso, a talented pilot, who due to a magic spell, has been transformed into a pig. Porco lives a happy life as a pilot for hire protecting airships from marauding pilots, resting on his private island and visiting his friend, the beautiful hotel owner Gina. But when a hotheaded American pilot arrives looking to make a name for himself by shooting down The Crimson Pig, Porco enlists the help of a feisty teenage airplane engineer to get his beat up plane into shape for the big fight.

Featuring the voices of Michael Keaton and Cary Elwes, dizzying aerial action and wise-cracking dialogue, PORCO ROSSO is a treat for movie lovers of all ages.

• Storyboards

• Interview with Producer Toshio Suzuki

• Behind the Microphone

• Original Japanese Trailers