The English Patient

The English Patient

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Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe

Anthony Minghella


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Winner of an astounding nine Academy Awards® including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress, THE ENGLISH PATIENT is the sweeping World War II romantic epic that's being compared to such legendary films as Casablanca and Doctor Zhivago. After a badly burned pilot (Oscar® nominee* Ralph Fiennes) is pulled from the wreckage of his plane in the Sahara Desert, he's placed in the care of an army nurse (Oscar Winner† Juliette Binoche) and indentified only as "the English patient". As his memory slowly returns, a passionate and consuming love affair with a married woman (Oscar nominee** Kristin Scott Thomas) is unveiled, and lives from both the past and present become inextricably altered. Set against breathtaking backdrops in North Africa and Italy, THE ENGLISH PATIENT is a riveting cinematic masterpiece that stirs the heart and touches the soul like no other film in years.

* Best Actor, 1996

† Best Supporting Actress, 1996

**Best Actress 1996

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  • Director, Producer, Author Commentary
  • About Michael Ondaatje
  • From Novel to Screenplay
  • The Formidable Saul Zeantz
  • A Historical Look at the real Count Almasy
  • A conversation with:

- Anthony Minghella

- Saul Zaentz

- Michael Ondaatje

- Walter Murch