The Mummy's Shroud

The Mummy's Shroud

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John Phillips,André Morell, David Buck

John Gilling


The Mummy's Shroud | Out Now

The time is 1920; the place is Mezzera, Egypt, an exotic land of mystery and ancient magic. A routine expedition is about to turn into a violent, murderous rampage that few will survive. Renowned archaeologist Sir Basil Walden and his team are on a journey to find the lost tomb of pharaoh Kah-to-Bey. Having ignored warnings of a deadly curse, the expedition unearths the pharaoh’s final resting place with horrific consequences. A vengeful spirit has been unleashed and it wants their flesh...Directed by John Gillinh (The Reptile, The Plague of the Zombies), Hammer’s The Mummy’s Shroud has gained cult notoriety forits gruesome murder sequences and its stunning climax. A true terror from the tomb!

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