One Millions Years BC Steelbook

One Millions Years BC Steelbook

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Raquel Welch, John Richardson

Don Chaffey


One Millions Years BC Steelbook | Out Now

Released in 1966, Hammer classic, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C is the spectacular prehistoric adventure of tumak, a caveman and the son of the leader of the rock tribe. When tumak (JOHN RICHARDSON - Execution), she is banished from his tribe he wanders through the brutal prehistoric lands until he stumbles upon the shell tribe loana (RAQUEL WELCH - The Three Musketeers, Legally Blond ), the daughter of the chief who takes pity on the exhausted and injured wanderer and nurses him back to health.

This 50th anniversary release of the prehistoric classic has been stunningly restored in 4K featuring brand new bonus features including :

  • New interview with Raquel Welch
  • New interview with Martine Beswick
  • Stills gallery