Carry on Screaming Blu-ray

Carry on Screaming Blu-ray

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Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Harry H. Corbett

Gerald Thomas


Carry on Screaming Blu-ray | Out Now

One of the funniest CARRY ON movies ever, presented for the first time in stunning high definition.

Who is stealing virgins and turning them into shop-window mannequins? What is the meaning of the gigantic hairy finger found at the scene of the latest crime? What clues can the mad professor (Kenneth Williams) orhis deathly pale and impossibly buxom sister (Fenella Fielding) provide to the hopeless Detective Bung (Harry H. Corbett)?

Join the CARRY ON team, including Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Bresslaw and Joan Sims as they chill your spine in this hair raising spoof of a horror movie.

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