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Sara Forestier, Vincent Elbaz, Albert Cousi

Hélène Angel


Elementary | Out Now

French drama co-written and directed by Hélène Angel. The film follows Florence (Sara Forestier), a devoted primary school teacher and single mother struggling to juggle her responsibilities as a teacher and a parent. Willing to do anything to help her students, Florence faces her biggest challenge yet when troubled student Sacha (Ghillas Bendjoudi) is transferred to her class from a different school. Sacha's behavioural problems quickly cause conflict within her class, and when the full extent of his unstable and unhappy background emerge, Florence becomes determined to help him turn his life around. However, her efforts to help Sacha begin to have a detrimental effect on her own son Denis (Albert Cousi), who soon starts to feel neglected by the increasing levels of attention his mother is giving to his new classmate.


Elementary school teacher Florence (Sara Forestier, Perfume, The Names of Love) is a single mother completely devoted to her pupils, so much so that she shares an apartment on the school’s property with her 10-year-old son and pupil Denis.

When she encounters and meets Sacha, a disruptive student with a complicated home life, Florence dedicates herself to helping him. But as Sacha’s plight and her impending work assessment force her to put everything on the line, including her position within the school and her relationship with her son, Florence gradually realises that one is never too old to learn a new life lesson.