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Tae-woong Eom

Jeon-won Shin


CHAW | Out Now

Blackly funny and equally terrifying, Chaw follows in the footsteps of The Host, as another remarkable entry into the canon of new wave Korean cinema and the Asian monster movie revival. After foolishly scribbling “anywhere” on his transfer application form, Seoul-based cop Kim Kang-soo (Tae-woong Eom) finds himself moved down to a sleepy, supposedly “crime-free” village in South Korea: Semeri. But the subdued, scenic once popular tourist resort is about to become hell on earth. In the local mountains the mutilated remains of a young girl have been found. The local police assume it’s a grisly homicide, but Kim realizes they’re very wrong and soon Semeri’s citizens will see their beloved town turned into a gruesome bloodbath. A legendary hunter in the region, Chun Il-man, is convinced the deaths are the work of a man-eating boar and, full of fear, the villagers invite him to catch it… Chaw is the flesh eating, mutant offspring of Twin Peaks and Razorback with special effects from the team behind Lemony Snicket, The Perfect Storm, Day After Tomorrow and Star Wars prequels.

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