SAMMY GOING SOUTH – Digitally Re...

SAMMY GOING SOUTH – Digitally Remastered

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Fergus McLelland, Edward G Robinson

Alexander MacKendrick


SAMMY GOING SOUTH – Digitally Remastered | Out Now

After an air raid in Port Said kills his parents, Sammy (Fergus McClelland) is left alone, penniless and vulnerable. So Sammy defiantly sets out to find his aunt Jane, whom he vaguely remembers lives in Durban, South Africa - at the other end of the continent.

Along the way, Sammy encounters a variety of disparate characters and untrustworthy adults, including a Syrian Peddler, a sly Greek guide, and a rich, childless American tourist. He navigates a treacherous path through desert, across mountains and down river, until he meets and forms an unlikely bond with world - weary hunter Cocky Wainwright (Edward G. Robinson).

Vividly evocative of a world long since crumbled, Sammy Going South is a lesser - known film from the brilliant career of Alexander Mackendrick, director of Ealing classics The Ladykillers and The Man In The White Suit. A film about a child but most resoloutely for adults, Sammy Going South is an undiscovered gem that has been carefully restored to best showcase the beauty of the African landscape as seen through a ten - year - old child's eyes.

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