The Small World of Sammy Lee

The Small World of Sammy Lee

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Anthony Newley, Julia Foster, Robert Stephens

Ken Hughes


The Small World of Sammy Lee | Out Now

A 1963 British crime film directed by Ken Hughes and starring Anthony Newly, Julia Foster and Robert Stephens. THE SMALL WORLD OR SAMMY LEE is just around any corner in Soho.

Peopled by the pimps, the punters, the brasses and the bookies, and with boils on its face like the sleazy Peepshow club where Sammy (Anthony Newley) comperes the strip-tease. Sammy Lee is worried. When you owe £300 to a bookie like Connor you're entitled to be worried. Particularly when his muscle men are coming in a few hours time to collect the cash.

Refused help from brother Lou by Lou's wife who won't pour the profits of their delicatessen into bookies' pockets, Sammy is desperately setting up shady deals to raise the money.

  • New interview with Julia Foster
  • New locations featurette with Richard Dacre
  • New interview with Mike Hodges