Blood Moon

Blood Moon

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George Blagden , Shaun Dooley , Amber Jean Rowan , Anna Skellern

Jeremy Wooding

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Colorado, 1887. After killing a bank teller in cold blood, two notorious outlaws (Corey Johnson Ex Machina; Raffaello Degruttola Rush) take a stagecoach full of passengers hostage in a bid to aid their getaway. Little do they realise that amongst the passengers is Deputy Marshall Jake Norman (George Blagden – TV’s Vikings), an enigmatic gunslinger and the last person the outlaws want standing in their way. However, it soon becomes apparent that a bigger menace lurks in waiting; one to be feared by civilian and outlaw alike… a beast that only appears on the night of a blood red moon.

Mixing werewolves, the Wild West and a wicked sense of humour, BLOOD MOON is a gory, gothic western…with a bite!



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