When Pigs Have Wings

When Pigs Have Wings

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Sasson Gabai, Baya Belal, Ulrich Tukur, Myria Tekaïa

Sylvain Estibal


When Pigs Have Wings | Out Now

Jafaar, a Palestinian fisherman, seems to be the unluckiest man in Gaza. Swallowed up by debt and watching his neighbours reel in huge catches of fish whilst his net always turns up empty, he is desperate for a change of fortune. One day his prayers are finally answered, but Jafaar ends up with more than he bargained for when he looks into his net to find not fish, but a giant pot-bellied pig! With possession of the animal banned by both government and religion, Jafaar embarks on a hilarious quest to tr y and rid himself of the animal whilst keeping its existence hidden from the authorities, but not without trying to make some money first...