CARRY ON – Vol 2

CARRY ON – Vol 2

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Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbins

Gerald Thomas


CARRY ON – Vol 2 | Out Now

Even more Carrying on, including: Carry On Cruising, the story of The Happy Wanderer, a ship full off misfits who don’t know their portholes from any other holes! Carry On Jack where Juliet Mills runs away to sea disguised as a midshipman and ends up under the command of the wicked Captain Fearless. Carry on Regardless is one of the rudest Carry Ons, about some no-hopers who join an employment agency. In Carry on Cabby Peggy decides to get one up on her hubby and starts up a rival firm, Glam Cabs, an instant success.


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