Shall We Dance? (1996)

Shall We Dance? (1996)

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Kôji Yakusho, Tamiyo Kusakari, Naoto Takenaka

Masayuki Suo


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SHALL WE DANCE? is the irresistable romantic comedy that's charmed audiences and impressec critics everywhere. Mr. Sugiyama is an awkward and painfully shy middle-aged workaholic leading a mind-numbingly dull existance - until the day he catches a glimpse of a beautiful instructor in the window of a shabby ballroom dancing school. Once he finally gets the nerve to sign up for the lessons, he winds up assigned to an older instructor and her eccentric class of beginners. Bit this is just the first in a series of hilarious missteps he takes while trying to impress the elegant young beauty and keep the ebarrassing details from his family and friends.

An audience favourite at the Cannes Film Festival, SHALL WE DANCE? is the hit film with a perfect combination of love and laughter.