The Last Days of Dolwyn

The Last Days of Dolwyn

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Edith Evans, Emlyn Williams, Richard Burton

Emlyn Williams


The Last Days of Dolwyn | Out Now

The peaceful village of Dolwyn is known for its friendly folk and its simple ways. But this idyllic retreat in North Wales is about to be thrown into utter turmoil thanks to the arrival of a ruthless water company. Due to geological difficulties the only way to complete their planned reservoir is to flood the village of Dolwyn. The campaign is lead by an embittered local who has returned from the big city and is intent on destroying the place he once called home. Are the village residents capable of fighting the industrialists and saving their home? Or are these truly the last days of Dolwyn?

Written and directed by Emlyn Williams (The Man Who Knew Too Much), this compelling and tragic British melodrama is known for being one of Richard Burton’s earliest roles on film.