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Adam Johnson, Brad Johnson, Maclain Nelson

James Macpherson


Orcs! | Out Now

They come from a time of legend. A time of merciless evil where darkness reigned, when ancient warriors were born unto the world from hell, their only impulse to kill and destroy. Savage, monstrous creatures with an insatiable thirst for apocalyptic death and living flesh. They are the Orcs and they’re about to make Lord Of The Rings look like a walk in the park.
Having made mince-meat of Middle Earth, now it's our turn. Somewhere within Balancing Rock National Park, deep underneath a mountain, a gateway from another dimension has opened. Hordes of Orcs are now hacking and slashing their way through the national park intent on ripping apart anyone that happens to be standing in their way. Mankind's only hope is two demented park rangers and a foxy female environmentalist. It's enough to make any outdoor enthusiast choke on their granola, that's if they don’t get their face chewed off first.

Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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