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Ethan Peck, Nate Parker, Jessia Lowndes

Shyam Madiraju


Eden | Out Now

Spirits are high as the USA under-23 squad board their victory flight home. Though not even the coach's daughters can distract Team Captain Slim (Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation). His worst nightmares are realised when an earth-shattering crash rips his plane from the sky.
With only twenty survivors, Andreas (Ethan Peck, Curse of the Sleepy Beauty) quickly takes charge of the dwindling rations. His decision to withhold food from the sick and dying splits the team into two warring factions; the savages and the civilised. Before long their mini-civilisation crumbles into a violent blood-bath where only the fittest survive.

Eden is a primal, fast-paced story of morality and survival, with an all-star cast including Jessica Lowdes (90210), Diego Boneta (Scream Queens) and James Remar (The Warriors).