Nowhere to Go

Nowhere to Go

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George Nader, Maggie Smith, Bernard Lee

Seth Holt, Kenneth Tynan


Nowhere to Go | Out Now

Paul Gregory (George Nader) is a thief - he’s the best in the business and always thinks big, but unlike most criminals he isn’t driven to crime through a life of adversity and desperation, he does it simply for the thrill. Thanks to his ruthless ingenuity and cunning persuasion he’s also managed to avoid being caught by the law. On the run from Canadian authorities he manages to escape the country and heads for London and with a new identity he hatches a devious plan. Worming his way into the life of a wealthy widow he plans to steal a rare collection of antique coins left to her by her late husband. Could this be Paul Gregory’s most ambitious and successful con? Or is he sealing his own fate?


*Previously Unreleased Original 100 Minute Version Of The Film*

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