All That Matters is Past

All That Matters is Past

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Maria Bonnevie, Kristoffer Joner, David Dencik

Sara Johnsen

All That Matters is Past | Out Now

ALL THAT MATTERS IS PAST tells the story of childhood friends Janne and two brothers, William and Ruud, who from the moment of meeting their destinies are entwined.

After many years of separation, Janne runs in to William. Shocked to see him after all this time, the pair realise that the connection they had as children is still as strong as ever, rekindling feelings of love and lust. Entranced by William and the depth of feeling she has for him, Janne ends up leaving her family and they both leave to live together in a cabin by the river. But soon they realise Ruud is haunting them again.

One day a canoeist discovers Janne in the forest, she is extremely weak and injured, but not alone. Two dead bodies lie beside her.