Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now

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Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie

Nicolas Roeg


Don't Look Now | Out Now

After the tragic death of their daughter, John and Laura Baxter decide to work and recover in Venice. Whilst John finds comfort in the restoration of an ancient gothic church, his wife befriends two mysterious sisters, one of whom is blind and claims to have the psychic ability to communicate with their dead child. She also claims that John has the same gift of “second sight” and his life is in grave danger. Unable to accept the idea of anything supernatural, John is immediately suspicious of the sister’s true intentions and their control over his vulnerable wife. But John’s fate is finally sealed with the appearance of a mysterious figure bearing an uncanny likeness to his tragic daughter


Audio Commentary with Nicolas Roeg
Looking Back
Compressed version of Don’t Look Now (made by Danny Boyle for BAFTA tribute)
Nothing Is as it Seems
Easter Egg – Tony Richmond playout

Composer Pino Donaggio
Danny Boyle
Screenwriter/Producer Allan Scott
Cinematographer Tony Richmond
Donald Sutherland