Nobody's Daughter Haewon

Nobody's Daughter Haewon

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Jeong Eun-Chae, Seon-gyun Lee, Joon-sang Yoo

HONG Sangsoo


Nobody's Daughter Haewon | Out Now

NOBODY’S DAUGHTER HAEWON is a poignant and fascinating drama by director Hong Sangsoo. Told in the chronological style of a diary, the story reflects a young woman’s emotional growth and search for meaning within a remote and isolated village on the edge of Seoul, South Korea.

After her mother leaves for Canada in the hope of starting a new life, film student and aspiring actress Haewon begins to sink into a deep depression. In the hope of finding solace, she re-ignites an affair with her ex-lover, a much older married professor. But within the kaleidoscopic inner world of her emotions, her dreams slowly begin to interweave with her reality and evolve into something that will change her life forever.

Thought provoking and affecting, NOBODY’S DAUGHTER HAEWON is a brilliantly original exploration of modern relationships from one of Asia’s most unique directors.