The Shamer's Daughter

The Shamer's Daughter

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Rebecca Emilie Sattrup, Allan Hyde

Kenneth Kainz


The Shamer's Daughter | Out Now

When the family of the king are found murdered, the Kingdom of Dunark descends into anarchy. Whispers point to the sole heir to the throne as the killer, who quickly proves his innocence, leaving the truth behind the murders unsolved.

Dina, the young daughter of a Shamer, is summoned to the castle from the outskirts of her village. Having inherited the supernatural ability to look into the soul of others, she is tasked with finding the killer’s true identity. But as Dina struggles to source the truth and put the rightful heir to the Kingdom on the throne, the castle is taken over by dragons, witchcraft and magic and she quickly finds her own life in peril.