From A to B

From A to B

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Fahad Albutairi, Shadi Alfons, Fadi Rifaai

Ali F. Mostafa

From A to B | Out Now

Five years after the loss of his best friend Hady, Omar decides to take the road trip they always talked about, but never got to take. Just days away from the birth of his first child, he reaches out to his estranged high school friends Jay and Ramy to take the road trip in Hady's memory.

Jay, now a playboy/ wannabe DJ, and Ramy, an #activist (with 737 twitter followers!), take some convincing, but finally agree to the trip. The boys decide to drive from Abu Dhabi – via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria to arrive in Beirut, on what would have been Hady’s twenty-fifth birthday.

Their journey is filled with speedbumps - breakdowns, wrong turns, shady mechanics and a camel or two. If all of this doesn’t drive them crazy, it might just bring them closer.