Belle and Sebastian: The Adventure...

Belle and Sebastian: The Adventure Continues

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Félix Bossuet,Tchéky Karyo,Thierry Neuvic

Christian Duguay

Belle and Sebastian: The Adventure Continues | Out Now

The follow-up to Nicholas Vanier’s 2013 adaptation of Cécile Aubry’s novel sees the 1940s French boy/dog duo return for more Alpine escapades.
September 1945, everybody is celebrating the end of the war. Young Sebastian (Félix Bossuet), now ten years old, waits with faithful Belle for Angelina’s (Margaux Châtelier) return. When news reaches the village that her plane crashed deep in the Transalpine forest, Sebastian’s grandfather knows a man who can help them find her. On their mission to locate Angelina, Belle and Sebastian must face peril, risk their lives and confront a secret...