Pool Of London

Pool Of London

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Bonar Colleano, Earl Cameron, Susan Shaw

Basil Dearden


Pool Of London | Out Now

Into the Pool of London, the heart of the city’s Docklands, sails the Dunbar, fresh out of Rotterdam.

Stepping ashore at Tower Bridge are two merchant seamen, one, Dan MacDonald (Bonar Colleano), a cocky and assertive ladies’ man who has a  neat side-line in smuggling minor items ashore. The other: Johnny Lambert (Earl Cameron), a painfully shy, restrained Jamaican, is content to follow in Dan’s shadow. Before the ship’s departure, much water has passed down the river and a lot has happened to change these two men. Dan becomes fatefully involved with a gang of diamond smugglers who leave him in the frame as a murder suspect while Johnny meets a white girl (Susan Shaw) whose kindness so touches him he falls in love despite himself.

Directed by Basil Dearden, the film marked a departure for Ealing from their usual fare and was notable in being the first British film to try and depict an interracial relationship in the post-Windrush years.

  • Locations featurette with Richard Dacre
  • New interview with Earl Cameron
  • Still Gallery