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Blanche and Marie
Forbidden Games
The Vanishing Corporal
Rambo III
Pan Tadeusz: the Last Foray in Lithuania
Harrison's Flowers
The Pianist
The Little Soldier
Entre Nous (Between Us)
The Day of Glory
Don't Look Now - We've Being Shot at
Alert in the Mediterranean
Iron Eagle II
The 317th Platoon
A Captain's Honor
Fort Saganne
The Deer Hunter
Captain Conan
Safe Conduct
The Vultures
Apocalypse Now Redux
Soldat Duroc, ça va être ta fête
I Married a Spy
Grand Illusion
Farewell Again
Marthe Richard
Three Cockeyed Sailors
Ships with Wings
Forty-Eight Hours
The Big Blockade
The Foreman Went to France
Underground Guerrillas
The Bells go down
Nine Men
San Demetrio London
Vive la liberté
For Those in Peril
A Friend Will Come Tonight
Fils de France
The Man from Morocco
Identity Unknown
The Captive Heart
Night Boat to Dublin
Mr. Orchid